Hi friends, I'm Haley.

My goal is to create films that will make you feel like you're right back there in the moment. Films that make you relive the emotions all over again. 

My style is for the couples who want to remember their wedding day in a way similar to watching a movie. I  stitch together the toasts, ceremony, first look, and more in a way that really isolates how important each event of your wedding was.

I  help my couples feel comfortable and EVEN enjoy being in front of the camera. I    do this by prompting rather than posing, and capturing the true and unplanned moments.


Where it all started...

My love for filmmaking started in high school. It started with creating an end of the year montage in 2017 and turned into creating short little travel videos shot and edited on my iPhone. I  loved it, and my classmates and friends began to recognize me for them. Around that time I  joined Broadcast Journalism and Digital Media, and in those classes I  really learned the fundamentals of storytelling and filmmaking. 

It was everything to me. I  spent any possible free time at school working on videos for those classes. I  even won a few competitions that competed against other schools across Alaska. 

I    knew videography would be my future by my second semester of senior year. And a few days prior to graduation, I    got my business license and hence started "Haley  Jay Media."

Based in Arizona + Alaska,

                                                        Destined to travel.




Learn about our discounted bucket list locations

I've been very lucky to have gotten to travel to so many incredible places at such a young age. Want to help me add more to this list? Inquire below!

Maui, Kauai and Oahu

cancun, Merida, Cabo

Yukon, Canada



British Virgin Islands


Palm Springs, California



U.s Virgin Islands