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Your Arizona Wedding Videographer.

Virgin Islands Wedding Videographer
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a little about me, I grew up in Alaska as the baby in the family of entrepreneurs. You could say I was destined to be a business owner. 


I absolutely love to travel and have gotten to do many bucket list activities like sailing in the Virgin islands, or attending a party on a yacht in Mexico. Some of my favorite moments though are midnight car rides with my best friends talking about life's wonders and our futures.


I'm someone who believes that the energy you put out into the world comes back to you, and that you can create the life you dream of - if you truly believe it. I'm a total sucker for rom coms and you'll see that shine through my work.

My journey into entrepreneurship started when I was just 17 years old—after graduating from high school, I decided to start my own business instead of going to college.


From that point on, my goal has been to create films that will make you feel like you're right back there in the moment. Films that make you relive the emotions all over again. My style is for the couples who want to remember their wedding day in a way similar to watching a movie—one that's emotional and beautiful, but also modern and like a piece of art.


I help my couples feel comfortable being in front of the camera by prompting rather than posing and capturing the true and unplanned moments.

az wedding videographer


                                                        DESTINED TO TRAVEL.


I  was  born and raised in Alaska and was super lucky to have done so, but I've always wanted to spread my wings and experience living somewhere new. I    also know that my business needs more room to be able to film the types of weddings I    dream of filming. So in 2023, right after my wedding season ends in AK, I'm packing my bags and driving across the country with my best friend to move to Arizona.

I   am booking weddings in Arizona starting October of 2023 and I   am STOKED about it. I    am so excited to be more central for destination weddings as well.


Even though I'm moving to Arizona in 2023, I'm not so sure my alaskan self can handle the Arizona summers just yet, so for at least. summer of 2024, I    will still be booking weddings in AK for no added travel fee ( within the Wasilla - Girdwood range, further distances will have my normal travel fee rate for driving)

I've been very lucky to have gotten to travel to so many incredible places at such a young age. Want to help me add more to this list? Inquire below!

Maui, Kauai and Oahu

cancun, Merida, Cabo

Yukon, Canada



British Virgin Islands


Palm Springs, California



U.s Virgin Islands

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