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I think every creative has a point where everything just pivots. It could be at a shoot, a wedding, or any other kind of project. June 12th of 2021 was my pivoting point.

Until this wedding, I wasn't completely sure if I was meant to do wedding films, or if it was the direction I wanted my business to grow in. Until this wedding, I never really had created a story driven film.

Or, let me rephrase that.

I hadn't focused enough on the story of the couple and the day, to match my vision of how I remembered the day. I think this was happening for a few reasons. First of all, I was caught up in the whole " OH MY GOD I'M FILMING A WEDDING. I CANNOT MESS THIS UP" thing instead of taking a step back and realizing that a wedding day is just another day about love, just elevated. Secondly, because of the first reason, I was mindlessly going for quantity of filming, rather than focusing on getting my settings, and positioning perfect for one amazing shot.

Discovering who my ideal client is

Everything about this day was just absolutely perfect. And when I think about the type of weddings I want to film, this is the first one that comes to mind. This couple was easy going, madly in love, and just authentically, them. The way they looked at each other in between shots, the nervousness they felt before their first look, everything just made it so easy to film their love.

Their vows were my favorite part about the whole day. When Trevor said, " I had to do it ASAP" when talking about proposing after he asked her father's permission, my heart just melted. Or when Deann said " It's coming home after a hard day to flowers, but better yet coming home to flowers after a successful one with a note that reads "I'm proud of you." When talking about what real true love is about.

Their type of love, is the epitome of the stories I want to tell, and showed me what a wedding film could look like with a really good story behind it.

Teaching me that I am good enough

This film proved to myself of what I can do, and that I'm capable of all the films I dream of creating. It taught myself that my work matters. That everything I've been reaching for and hoping for is right in the palms of my hands. It taught me to take myself seriously as a wedding vendor, and that I was worth so much more than what I had been charging.

Overall, this wedding just changed my outlook on my business, weddings in general, and the type of love that people should strive for. This wedding will always be priceless to me, as it launched the fire I had inside me to really build the business of my dreams.

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