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I'm here to give you the wedding Inspiration that almost NO ONE talks about.

A classic wedding design with elevated features will never go out of style. If you're envisioning a wedding day that transcends the trends, read along to explore different ideas that can be introduced into any wedding design to add a chic, yet elegant flair. Whether you're planning a larger wedding, or a smaller, intimate affair, these elements will provide you a classy, timeless feel in your wedding design.

old charm wedding design


Shorter Rows, Longer Aisle

The walk down the aisle deserves a moment to breathe. To really give the full effect it deserves, elongate the aisle by shortening the rows. This not only enhances the moment to be a little longer, but it looks more elevated just in the design aspect of it.

wedding ceremony tips for chair arrangement


Elevate Your Altar

Raising the position where you and your bride or groom are exchanging vows can be beneficial for a few reasons. First of all, you will be creating an intentional view point that draws the guests attention to you. Even if guests are seated in the back, they will be able to see much easier than if you are standing on the ground at the same level. Just two steps up can make all the difference. This also enhances your photos and video, when florals are added to the steps and surrounding the altar. As a wedding videographer, we film horizontally rather than shooting vertically. by raising the height of those ground florals, more will be in frame for even the close up shots.

wedding altar ideas


Chairs and Tables

One of the biggest decorations on your wedding day is your tables and chairs. Sure tables can get tablecloths, but your chairs have a huge impact in the overall design and aesthetic of your wedding day.

In conclusion, these wedding design ideas will make a huge impact for your 2024 or 2025 wedding.

There are many minor details that can play a huge role in the design aspect of your wedding. As a Destination Wedding Filmmaker, I've noticed so many things that brides would of, or could have changed if they had been aware of them. Planning your wedding can be a super overwhelming time, especially when reading the same articles and trends over and over again. I hope that this article stood out to you with some minor changes you can make for your wedding day.

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Hi, hello, I'm Haley Jay Media, a destination wedding videographer based in Arizona and Alaska. My clients tell me that their wedding films feel like they are watching a movie. Storytelling is very important to me when creating my films, and I do that while still adding a vibrant luxe flair in my colors, and the way I create.

I travel almost anywhere to film weddings. This year in 2024, I'm filming weddings in Oregon, North Carolina, Alaska, Arizona, and counting. If you're looking for a videographer for your wedding day, say hi here.

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