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Photography and Videography are often times the very first vendors that couples reach out to after booking their wedding date. Photos and video are what's tangible to them, what will last for years beyond the wedding and even their life.

What is important to understand, is that photos and video are dependent on many factors, but with these tips, you'll be guided to recieve the photos and wedding film of your dreams.

Tip #1 - Choose your Videographer and Photographer based on style for your dream film.

The most important factor behind how your photos and video turn out are the people behind the cameras. No matter how beautiful your wedding is, or the location you're in, if your video and photo team don't have the experience, you could be out of luck.

Some important tips to find the right one:

- Look over their portfolio. Do you like their editing style? Do you like their posing?

- Have they shot weddings with a similar lighting situation to yours?

- Ask to see a full gallery and not just go off of what's on their instagram.

You might even consider looking for a destination wedding videographer or photographer to capture your wedding if you can't find the right fit locally.

Tip #2 - Location is everything

What does your dream wedding film and pictures look like? It's important to keep in mind your vision when choosing a wedding venue or location. If you have photos in your head of cityscapes and texture in your background, but you are choosing a venue with a rustic barn, those photos are going to look vastly different from each other.

This also goes for your getting ready location. If your venue comes with a bridal prep room that doesn't exactly match your vision, maybe opt for a near-by airbnb that has an aesthetic you love. ( This can also double as where you stay as a couple, or your bridal party the night after the wedding)

destination wedding film

Tip #3 - Hire a videographer and photographer that connect with YOU

On your wedding day, the two people you will be spending more time with than anyone else is your paparazzi team. It's important to make sure you vibe well with them and that they are people who make you feel comfortable on and off camera. This will translate into your photos and video, trust me!

My couples often tell me that they felt like they were just having fun hanging out with a friend while working with me. Thats the goal!

" Haley was my top pick for a videographer for my elopement in October of 2021. I was so grateful she had an opening for our special day. She was so easy to talk to during our consultation and gave me so much peace of mind. Planning any type of event can be stressful but Haley took any worries we had away. The day of went so smoothly and she tagged teamed our elopement with my photographer ( whom she had never worked with before) seamlessly. I couldn't have asked for a better videographer!!"

- Sydney & Tyler

Tip #4 - Lighting is Key

Think about lighting when choosing your spaces. Maybe the grooms suite has way more light than the bridal suite does, and you could consider switching rooms. If you can't decide whether you want your ceremony to be inside or outside, think about which lighting situation is better!

Another important thing to add - ask your photographer and videographer how they handle low lit situations. Often times professional videographers should have spot lights they can bring to set up, and photographers may have a flash.

Tip #5 - Have fun and enjoy your day!

Lastly, it's important to be IN the moment! As a wedding videographer, some of the best moments I capture are the candid, unplanned ones. It's important to just let yourself feel all of the emotions and enjoy this day!

Looking for a Videographer for your wedding?

I'd love to be considered! I'm Haley, a wedding videographer from Alaska who's now based in Arizona! I love to travel and would love to there to film your wedding. You can inquire by filling out my contact form HERE.

Thanks for Reading!


Haley Jay

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